Allentown is one of the best and amazing town to visit, it is not something I heard alone, I went there and confirmed it myself. There are lot of things to do and lot of places to visit, people around the world love their vacation to be done there. If you are planning to go for vacation in Allentown, below are the top must seen and visited places.

Allentown Art Museum I haven’t been to the museum since they remodeled, but wow! They did a really great job. The museum is FREE for the summer so be sure to stop by and check it out if you haven’t been there recently. My boyfriend and I are really into art so we frequently go to art museums. He said he liked Allentown’s Art Collection and their layout better than the Barnes. (I didn’t, but the Barnes is some rough competition)! Still — a really top notch collection in a beautifully remodeled building.

Coca-Cola Park Coca Cola Park is one of the best minor league parks in the country! The atmosphere is impressive. All the seats are very close to the action, and are very cheap. I sat 3 rows behind home plate forjust $10! The stadium has amazing food! I had a cheesesteak and it was one of the best I have had in my life. The fans are amazing and cheer on the Ironpigs every game even though the team is in last place. You will be amazed when you come here.

America on Wheels Museum I’ve been here twice with visitors to Allentown. They and I have loved it both times. Great exhibits, very impressive. The first time the major exhibit was very early cars; the second time, cars of the 1950s. But in addition to the major exhibit, there are other exhibits showcasing cars of different eras and other vehicles such as Mack trucks and antique fire engines. Great place for both adults and children.