Surrounded by mountains and valleys, glaciers and fjords and active and inactive volcanoes, Anchorage is a breathtaking place to explore with young kids. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to Anchorage with kids, make sure my favorite places top your list of must-dos!

1. The Alaska Zoo. Despite being smaller than the average zoo, The Alaska zoo is a great place to take kids. Because of cooler Alaska temperatures the animals are often more active than in traditional zoos. Plus there is a new section that houses orphaned Alaska wildlife, once you see a baby moose or bear cub you’ll want to take one home. If you’re there on a rare hot day you’ll get to see the polar bears wishing away climate change.

2. The Anchorage Museum is first rate when it comes to Alaska history and art. For the kids there is an excellent lmaginarium complete with touch tanks, science experiments, and a play area. Keep this place in your back pocket for the rainy days of your visit. You’re going to have them, I guarantee it. 3. The Reindeer Farm . You’ll have to head out of Anchorage to Palmer for this one, but it is worth the trip. (Besides, this is Alaska, half the adventure is getting there!) The Reindeer Farm is one of the few places you can pet and feed reindeer. They also have elk, a bison, and a moose that occasionally comes to the fence for a kiss.

4. Ride The Tram. Again, head out of Anchorage this time south along the Seward Highway. The drive is about an hour to the Aleyska Ski Resort. There you can take a tram ride up to the top of the mountain. If the weather is clear, you’ll get a breathtaking view of Alaska. There are places to have snack or eat a full meal at Aleyska and room to hike around a bit. Plan to spend some time stopping along the way at some of the many pull offs to take pictures of the views or wildlife like eagles, moose, and dall sheep that are often in the cliffs along the highway.