Antigua has a booming tourist industry and is a popular destination for tourists, who flock to the
Caribbean every year in the summers. Whenever you plan your Antigua holidays, you should ask around
or maybe research a little on the internet about possible touring spots. For your convenience, a selected
list is provided below.
When packing up for your Antigua holidays, ensure that you have packed lots of sun lotion, if you are
keen on visiting the many beautiful beaches. Antigua holidays are actually true dreams for beach lovers
with the island being home to 365 beaches, said to represent each day of the year. All beaches have
open public access, and any visitor to Antigua can enjoy a day at the beach, without worrying about how
to pay your way to a private beach. The only hurdle is the selection of the beach to be visited since there
are so many of them.
Beaches on the western part of Antigua are relatively calmer and more peaceful as compared to the rest
of the island. The Fort St. James is a picturesque beach that is immensely pleasurable. It is widely known
for its gorgeous sunsets and is popular among tourists.
A prominent tourist spot for visitors on their Antigua holidays is the Shirley Heights. Journeying to this
place is an incredible delight as once you reach Shirley Heights, you are treated to the panoramic view of
the English harbour and the Dockyard.
For skilled golf players and golf enthusiasts in general, a visit to the Cedar Valley Golf Club is
recommended, whenever you plan your Antigua holidays. The Cedar Valley golf course is hugely
spectacular, covering an area of around six thousand yards and housing seventy holes. It is, thus, one of
the most popular golf courses in Antigua.