A beginner’s guide to the mile-high club

Did you consider joining the Mile High Club but you want some insights? Let us help you, as we did the research and all you have to do is read!

It’s not what you think it is
If you’re like me, and never flew before, you might not realize that the Mile High Club refers to those who have sex while on a plane. What’s worse, is that copulating while flying is illegal, can get you and your partner arrested, and could be dangerous. However, to be considered as part of the club, you and your partner must wait until the plane is at least 1 mile above the ground, or it doesn’t count.

Many people disregard the rules
Famous Hollywood actors at least claimed they are members of this club, and this is not a good example to give to younger fans. While famous people are known to have an extravagant behavior, it comes a bit of a shocker to learn that even the crew does it. Of course, you’ll never hear one of them confessing to it, unless you’re friends with one. There is something you should care about though: being told to stop it and not try to do it again, at least not during the same flight or plane.

Do it in privacy
If you’re flying in economy class, you better forget all about it, unless you are on a night flight – the lights get dimmer at that time. You have better chances at getting it on in first class, especially if you booked a fully enclosed suite. You might be able to do it in the restroom too, but there;s not much space, and the door can be opened from the outside as well. Be mindful of the noises you make: while you might not be seen in action, you will be heard quite well.

The crew knows about it
This point shouldn’t even be mentioned, considering the crew also does it. What you might not realize is that the flight attendants also know when passengers try to get it on as well. This point must have something to do with their experience, and the fact that it is impossible to be discreet about it when you’re a passenger. The crew has access to more areas of the plane than you do, so it it’s easier for them to find a private space.

There’s a legal way to do it
There are a few small airlines in US that have planes equipped specially for this experience. Surely the prices are quite high, but maybe worth it if you want some romance and not risk getting arrested. You can book flight as short as 30 minutes and as long as 90. Most of these are available in Las Vegas, and can be booked both at night or in the day time. The pricier the experience, the more amenities you’ll have, and more privacy, including music to cover the noises, comfortable mattress, door between the cockpit and the couple.