World’s most beautiful pink sandy beaches, breathtaking marine life, architecture, warm weather, exciting recreational activities & tours, dining, shopping, nightlife… where else will you get best of all the worlds in one place? Those fascinating attractions made us think and plan our first family vacation in Bermuda years back. The lingering memories have kept drawing us back to this island time and again.
We swim and snorkel for hours from the fabulous pink beaches. This island has such a nice temperate climate for most part ofthe year. Sometimes we would take a cruise for offshore snorkeling and watch the colorful corals on the reefs, marine life and even amazing shipwrecks.

(1) The Lovely Beaches: Almost everybody keeps the beaches in their list of must visits. But which beaches? There are 34 of them and all are so beautiful and unique!! We visited and spent long many hours in each one of them. Some of the south shore beaches have unbelievable pink sands. While some are vast stretches of sands, some are tiny secluded coves. Here you will know about the best beaches of Bermuda that have remained as our all-time top favorites.

(2) Great Tours & Excursions: One of the best ways to experience & explore Bermuda is by taking guided or even self-guided tours. You can take tours by bus, boats, taxis, vans orjust walk & hike to discover the best kept secrets. On several sunny mornings, we went out on glass bottom boats watching the spectacular underwater coral reefs, fish & marine life, orjust take a sunset cocktail cruise and relax on the deck watching the wonderful views all around.

(3) Activities & Entertainment: You can remain immersed in numerous recreational & sporting activities in Bermuda and your time will literally fly. Swimming & snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, birding, golfing, fishing, whale watching, diving, riding the list is endless. One of our favorite things to do in Bermuda is to walk along the beautiful scenic trails and the village paths through lush landscapes, and meet with the locals along the way. We have fallen in love with the people and the culture of Bermuda. The caring Bermudians with ever-smiling face, the traditional Bermuda music, Gombey’s dance with rhythmic drumming, the very scent of Bermuda’s oceanic breeze, have all been great rewards in our lives.