Four Seasons Biltmore

Top 5 things to do in Four Seasons Biltmore (California)

  • By Tom L
  • Resorts
  • 27.12.2016

The Four Seasons Biltmore is located, for those who don’t know, in Santa Barbara. The city seems to enjoy a sunny sky and a mild climate year round, making it a popular destination for a short getaway. With these top 5 things to do in Four Seasons Biltmore, California you can be sure you will never get bored while being here.

Go surfing
If you say California or Santa Barbara, you also say surfing. You won’t  be surfing alone, but with surfing legend and local, Tom Curren. He will show you his favorite spots for surfing, and take you on a guided surfing trip suited to your skill level.

Play beach volleyball
Everyone knows there are many beaches in California and wherever there is a beach there is the possibility of playing volleyball on the sand as well. This is not all as you will have the chance to play with or against Santa Barbara’s native and two-time Olympic gold medallist Todd Rogers.

Swimming in the pool
Sure the ocean is right there and you should take advantage of it, but don’t ignore the pool either. The resort’s pool is intimate, surrounded by exotic plants and trees, and its tiles have been laid by hand. The best part is that it plays music underwater, therefore it’s very relaxing as well.

Playing tennis
You probably won’t meet any tennis star here, but you never know. There are 3 tennis courts that allow night play as well. You can play tennis with your kids, therefore this activity will reinforce family bonds.

Throw a party
The location is perfect for a theme party. Sure the personnel is more used to wedding parties, but other types of parties can also be arranged. Of course parties must be booked in advance, but they will surely be memorable and well worth every cent.