Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. It is mostly known for its nightlife scene and the large concentration of casinos it has in its downtown area. In addition to a bustling nightlife and enough casinos to satisfy even the most hardcore gamblers, Las Vegas also has many other destinations worth visiting. Below is a list of spots you will want to make sure to check out next time you find yourself in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Fountain
The Bellagio Fountain has found its way into numerous Hollywood movies and TV shows. It is a great place to relax from the fast pace of the city and watch the fountain give a synchronized performance to music selections. It is also a great spot for a photo opt.

Cirque du Soleil
The Cirque du Soleil is an extravagant production that is almost guaranteed to entertain for the three hours it lasts. During the show you will see some of the worlds top acrobats and performers act out a variety of amazing and entertaining stunts.

Battlefield Vegas
Battlefield Vegas is an interactive museum of military gear ranging from WWI to modern times. It is located outdoors and features live demonstrations. This activity also has the advantage of being family friendly.

New York Roller Coaster
There is a roller coaster located in and around the New York- New York hotel. The roller coaster goes through a mini reconstruction of New York city and is an experience that the whole family will remember enjoy.

Walk the Strip
The strip is the main street in Las Vegas which is home to all of the most famous clubs and resorts. Walking the strip is an excellent way to experience and see everything that the city has to offer.