Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a unique city in that it is actually a ten mile long island located off the east coast of Florida. It was designed and founded to be a resort town back in the early 20th century giving it a unique personality while making it especially conducive to tourism. Since then tourists have been coming year after year to enjoy its tropical climate and beautiful beaches. Below is a list of the top five destinations tourists like to see while visiting this tropical paradise.

Palm Beach Zoo
The Palm Beach Zoo is unique in that it uses its location in a tropical climate to an advantage allowing visitors to see animals in their natural habitats. There are over 800 animals currently in the zoo spread out over 23 acres of beautifully constructed tropical habitats.

Peanut Island
Peanut Island is a separate island from Palm Beach. It has been turned into a park that you can walk around and experience the natural Florida climate. Peanut Island also offers some amazing snorkeling in its shallow and clear waters.

Norton Museum of Art
The Norton Museum of Art has over 7000 works on display that come from many different continents. In addition to paintings there are also some exhibits devoted entirely to photography and other art forms.

Worth Avenue
For those that enjoy shopping and fancy things, Worth Avenue is the place to be in Palm Beach. Along this four block stretch are countless stores featuring clothing products made by some of the worlds most prominent designers.

Mounts Botanical Garden
The Mounts Botanical Garden is home to thousands of tropical plants. The landscape design of the park is particularly breathtaking. Walking around the park can also be an excellent way to educate yourself on how tropical plants and ecosystems work.