Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is small town on the west side of Florida right by the Gulf of Mexico. As of the most recent census its total population is below 20000. It has a very warm and hospitable climate as well as an abundance of outdoor beauty and activity. Because of this, it has become a popular tourist destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities and relaxing in nature.

Peace River Wildlife Center
At the Peace River Wildlife Center you can educate yourself on the indigenous animals to this area of Florida. There is also a park with a beach as well as numerous docks. Many people enjoy fishing here or simply walking around while enjoying being so close to nature.

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary
The Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary is a rehabilitation center for animals. There are multiple species of animals here with each individual animal having its story printed so you can learn more about it. This is an excellent place to learn more about how you can help protect the native animals in Florida.

Muscle Car City Museum
The Muscle Car City Museum has numerous pristine classic cars on display. Anyone who is at all interested in cars will find this museum fascinating. In addition to simply displaying cars, the museum gives the history of the specific car models.

Sandman Book Company
Southwestern Florida’s biggest independent bookstore, the Sandman Book Company features an impressive selection of used and new books. Bookworms will love it here as you never know what exactly you might find for sale.

Military Heritage Museum
Pay tribute to the US military by visiting the Military Heritage Museum. Here you can find various displays detailing the history of the military. There are also many exhibits which show and explain the gear used by the military over the years.