Sunbay Resort

The Sunbay Resort is rather close to the historic Bathhouse Row that offers more entertainment possibilities. If the top 5 things to do in Sunbay Resort (Arkansas) are not enough for you, maybe this historic center will be more fun. It is best to sign up for any of the following activities.


Arts and Crafts for all ages
This is a great way of discovering a new skill or to improve one you already possess. It goes without saying that kids will especially love this pastime. Who knows what hidden talents does the little one have? If you’re lucky,you might be able to attend an Arts and Crafts fair.

Horseback riding
Riding a horse is a great way of enjoying a little bit of alone time that one hardly has these days. Riding a horse might be more fun if done in a group. Admire beautiful surrounds and take in as much fresh air as possible as this is the only way to ensure you get fully recharged.

The resort has a clean pool that will help you keep a cool head on a hot summer day. Make sure not to fall in the koi fish pond found in the resort. Additionally there is a small creek running nearby, but it is very narrow, shallow, and full of large rocks, therefore you can’t swim in it.

Getting fit
The Sunbay Resort has a Hot Springs Athletics Club that comes with tennis courts, saunas and whirlpools, and other amenities meant to help you boost your health.

Go to the beauty center
You can relieve stress or try out a new look by making an appointment at the Salon 7 South for any day of the week but Sunday. Joyce Bennett Massage is there to ensure no muscle remains sore, but you still need an appointment.