Teal Point

The TealPoint Resort is located by a beautiful lake. The location is a hot spot for a lot of activities meant to relax and recharge you. The room’s view is more than enough to fill you with positive energies so that you can try out at least these top 5 things to do in Teal Point, Arkansas during your stay.


Rent a boat
You can rent a boat for fishing or water skiing. You can choose between boats of 9 and 16 feet wide, and up to 28 feet long. All the available models are being taken care of and sure to function as expected. They are also recent models, so you won’t feel embarrassed by being aboard.

You can surely swim in the lake if you like, but you can also swim in the pool. It is advisable to let kids swim only in the pool, but only under supervision as there are no lifeguards. There is a main deck by the lake where swimming is possible. You have a ladder to help you out of the water.

Play games in the game room
If during your stay you’re not feeling well, but still don’t want to stay in bed, the gameroom might be a good choice. Playing cards, pool, pinball, or a video game, will surely help you feel better in no time. Basketball is another game you can play, but outside.

The lake sure is populated by fish, so why don’t you try and catch one or two? You will be fishing with a guide that will meet you early in the morning at the main docks and will drop you off in the same place in the evening.

Wildlife watching
The resort is surrounded by a forest, so don’t be surprised to see deers, squirrels, red foxes, or even turkeys around the resort. Remember the personnel set up feeders for these animals.