The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa is about an hour away from San Francisco. The Lodge is surrounded by several wineries and will make you feel like in a Mediterranean country. With these top 5 things to do in The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa (California) your time here will be well spend.


Stay fit
The gym has many cardio machines that will get your heart pumping faster in no time. The faster your heart rate the faster and the more calories you will burn and reduce the risk of gaining weight. If you want a sculpted body as well, feel free to use the weights as well.

Enjoy some nice food
The Lodge has a few locations where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their dress code is casual therefore you’ll feel at ease. Try out the Carneros Bistro, and then you can go near-by restaurants for other options.

Get a couples’ massage
There are not many SPAs offering massages for couples. This is a very romantic way of spending the time together. Along the facial treatments you can get a lips treatment as well. Complete te beauty routine with a body scrub or wrap.

Go shopping
We already mentioned the SPA is near San Francisco a city with many shopping opportunities. Sure, if you live in the area this is not exciting. The Historic Sonoma Plaza offers unique shopping opportunities especially for those who live further from San Fran or California.

Go on a winery tour
You have the chance of visiting smaller wineries run in the family. Surely they may not have very popular wines, but some really nice tasting wines. Most of these wineries are also older than you might have expected, so be prepared for a history lesson as well.