The Peninsula Beverly Hills

The Peninsula has been rated with 5 stars continuously since 1993. This hotel offers almost 200 rooms and 16 private villas for its guests. However you can’t go anywhere without having some form of entertainment,so here are the top 5 things to do in The Peninsula Beverly Hills, California.


Eating out is an experience that should be fully enjoyed with all the senses. The Belvedere is the only restaurant in California awarded 19 years in a row with the AAA Five Diamond Award. The restaurant will surely excite your palate while making you feel like a VIP.

Festive cooking lessons
The hotel organizes various cooking classes around the world that have a seasonal theme. For instance, in Paris you can learn how to make chocolate, but in Beverly Hills you will learn how to decorate a cake. The activity is for the whole family.

Plan a wedding
A luxurious hotel is the perfect place for a wedding party. The location is elegant, romantic, and the staff will ensure everything is perfect, up to the last detail. Your wedding will be a success and nobody will forget it anytime soon.

Become more beautiful
The Peninsula SPA is a hidden gem, but everybody who is everybody in Beverly Hills knows about it and visits it on a regular basis. You will easily forget about all your worries while your body becomes less stiff under the hands of a professional masseur. Check out all the other SPA services as well.

You can surely swim in the ocean if you’re brave enough, however the 60 feet outdoor pool at The Peninsula Beverly Hills has a heated floor. This means the no matter how cold it is outside, you can easily swim at your leisure without feeling cold.