Vino Bello Resort

The Vino Bello Resort is located in the Napa Valley well known for several of its wines. This resort is a luxury one, that has been designed to bring a little bit of Tuscan charm to the New World. Here are the top 5 things to do in Vino Bello Resort, California.


Ride the hot air balloon
The view is unbelievable from the heights at which the hot air balloon will take you. There are a few villages, hills covered with vineyards, and more. If you want to impress somebody this ride is the perfect way to do so. A marriage proposal may be that much more successful as well, if it is expected.

Relax at the SPA
Wine and SPA go hand in hand. All resorts have a SPA to allow their guests to relax to the maximum. Clearly, in Napa Valley unwinding is much more easily done than anywhere else. choose a massage or a body scrub to feel younger. There are 2 SPA centers.

No matter the temperature outside you can just jump in one of two heated the pools to swim a little bit. Swimming is a great way to boost your metabolism and stay healthy. The kids have a water spray playground to take advantage of.

Wine tasting tour
Vacationing in the Napa Valley is not complete without a tour to see the vineyards and the wine cellars. There are more tours to choose from, or you can attend all of them. Some are organized by the resort’s concierge while others are offered by various wineries in the area.

Play golf
Golf and nice wince are another ideal pair. The resort has 3 courses of 9 holes that will take you through Chardonnay and Merlot vineyards while playing golf. Ensure you wear proper attire when being on the golf course.