Trout House Village Resort

One of the things the resort at the Trout Village offers is special prices for a getaway in spring. This top 5 things to do in Trout House Village Resort (New York) should attract guests no matter the season.

Have fun on the Lake George
There are many ways to enjoy Lake George: by kayak, canoe, sailboats, paddleboards, or row boats. Soaking up the sun on the sandy beach or building a sand castle are other ways to have fun by the lake in this resort. Swimming is another popular option, in the designated areas.

Horseback riding
If you want to ride a horse you have to talk with the staff at the Circle B Ranch, a neighbor of this resort. They offer various services such as guides tours on the back of the horse, and carriage tours. The most popular of them is the romantic carriage tour for couples.

Visit Fort Ticonderoga
The Fort Ticonderoga dates back to the 18th century. It was built by the French and used extensively in the war against the Native Americans. You will be able to see re-enactments, a museum, and go on various daily tours. This fort has plenty of action to keep you busy.

Have fun in the snow
This resort offers many chances to have a good time no matter the season. In the cold months of the year you can cross country ski, snowshoe, ski, and tube. In winter, the Circle B Ranch offers tours on a sleigh pulled by horses, but you can try ride a horse as well if you feel you have enough experience.

Drop by The Hague Market
The Hague Market is the place where you can find some nice gifts, with disregard to the weather. You have to go in town to find this market. You should also check out the restaurants especially if you want some nice and different meals.