Villa Vosilla

A resort open year round will have many enjoyable activities to offer to its guests. This top 5 things to do in Villa Vosilla (New York) was difficult to select because of the many options.

Swimming is an activity that can relax you no matter it’s sunny or snowing, especially at this villa. There are 2 outdoor pools, side by side, one of them being smaller than the other. However there is an indoor pool as well with a hot tub right by it’s side.

Have fun in the arcade
Maybe arcade is not the right word to use here, but there is an indoor game center where lots of fun awaits regardless of the weather. You can play table tennis, foosball and other games. There are a few game machines as well, but you can choose to read a book if it’s not too noisy.

Stop by the fitness center
You don’t have to work out it that’s not your thing, but you can go there for a yoga session. Those who seek a serious workout session will be happy with the free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, and the stationary bike.

Try and win a free stay
You read that right! In early autumn, the guests of the resort can participate in the Annual Bocce Tournament for a chance to win a free stay. Surely this is an outdoor activity, but the indoor game room also has a bocce field for you improve your skills in winter.

Show off your talent
If all you ever wanted was to show you’ve got talent, but never made it on the popular show, participate in the Villa has Talent event. The staff at the villa organizes this event so the guests will have something extra to look forward to. Better ask about it before booking.