The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid

Those who like a rustic atmosphere should go for just a few nights at the Whiteface Lodge. However this top 5 things to do in The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid (New York) comes as a proof there is a lot of excitement awaiting here.

Rejuvenate your body and soul
They say that a session at the spa is more than enough to make anyone feel younger, fresh, and less stressed. The services offered at this spa include manicures and pedicures, various types of massages with different purposes, and even exfoliation.

Exploring nature
The best way to explore nature is by hiking. However be warned that the hiking trail will take you high above ground and over the High Falls Gorge. While the scenery will be breathtaking you will have to walk over bridges, around ancient granite cliffs, and other walkways. You should also keep your camera handy.

Host your wedding
The wedding day is stressful for a couple, but knowing there is an army of people working together to make a dream come true with least pain for the couple sure is comforting. The Lodge has specially trained staff to plan a wedding from start to the end. The guests can spend the night here for a preferred price, and your honeymoon can be spent here as well.

Riding the gondola
To ride the gondola your first priority is not to be scared of hights. The second priority is to ensure your group is not larger than 8 people, the maximum a gondola can hold at a time. The gondola goes up on the Little Whiteface mountain in about 15 minutes. If you bring snack with you, then you can have a picnic in the designated area.

Feed animals
A short trip to the Tupper Lake, NY will actually take you to the Wild Center. This center hosts most of the local animals, much like a zoo. Visitors can feed some of the animals here while learning more about them.