Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

Take a vacation to visit a ski resort that you love. The top 5 things to do in Wolf Ridge Ski Resort are right below. This is the best retreat in North Carolina!

Snow Sports School classes
If you don’t know how to ski but would like to learn, attend classes at the Snow Sports School. Intermediate classes are also available, along with snowboarding lessons. The classes start each day at 9 am, and you can choose a private lesson or a group one. Children ski lessons are also scheduled.

Go on a fun Tube Run
Have fun with your family and go on a Tube Run. The Tube Run is situated outside the hotel, and you can find directions on the website. An hour ride costs $15, and the rides start every day at 9 am. Kids who are under 5 years old get free rides, and group discounts are also provided.

Visit the Terrain Park
Skiing just like a pro will come much easier once you practice in Terrain Park. The recreation area has many interesting features that please any ski fan. Go there in the morning after breakfast for a few hours and enjoy this amazing sport.

Specials and discounts
Wolf Ridge Ski Resort offers seasonal discounts, as well as group discounts. All you need to do is email the resort and let them know what you are looking for. If you check the site, you can also check out the available ski packages. Wolf Ridge Ski Resort’s offers include daily and weekly packages as well.

Join a seasonal event
The hotel organizes seasonal and even weekly events. Check out the event calendar for more info on special activities. All the events are carefully planned and include cool features for a group of friends, but also for a family vacation.