Woodcliff Hotel and Spa

There are countless of people who avoid traveling places because they don’t know if they would like it there, or if there is anything to do. This top 5 things to do in Woodcliff Hotel and Spa (New York) will surely help some folks out there.

Test your golfing skills
The Woodcliff Hotel has a golf course with 9 holes that appeals to both beginners and advanced players alike. The amazing views will surely inspire a picture or two, so come prepared for that as well. Remember this golf course is opened to the public as well.

Relax by the pool
The pool at Woodcliff is something you don’t see often: part is covered and part is not. The outdoor pool is available based on the season and weather. If you seek complete relaxation in water, then checkout the whirlpool found right by the indoor pool. The whirlpool is heated, therefore your relaxation level will be higher.

Enhance your fitness level
Some Of us never went to a fitness center and might feel awkward going for the first time. Sometimes, being away from home and trying a gym can be easier and less stressful. The fitness center at the hotel has modern machines, very good light, and professional trainers that can show you where to start your routine.

Enjoy lots of music
Perhaps you won’t know all the artists performing here, but all of them are talented. Further more, there is no day to pass without a musical event. Some of the artists prefer performing for brunch while others in the evening and late into the night. The calendar of events is where you must look to find out more.

Get married
By getting married here you have access to various services and amenities meant to make this important day truly memorable. You will be provided with everything you need for the wedding, including an event manager and team.