Evergreen Resort

Top 5 things to do in Evergreen Resort (Arkansas)

  • By Tom L
  • Resorts
  • 27.12.2016

The Evergreen resort is waiting for you with 6 cabins that have been fully furnished and equipped with a kitchenette. You have at least 2 reasons to go there such as having some peaceful time and because you can bring your pet. These are the top 5 things to do in Evergreen Resort (Arkansas), as not to get bored.

Go fishing
The resort is located near the White River. The river offers many fishing possibilities for those who enjoy it. It is best to rent a boat to take advantage of this activity to its fullest. The boats are easily found in the pontooned boat deck. The most abundant fish to catch is the trout.

Explore the river
If you don’t like fishing or don’t know how it’s done, you can still rent a boat to explore the river. You can roam your boat to New Port and back, if you have enough energy. You will have to be careful as not to get lost though.

Have a picnic
One of the things people enjoy the most when being out in some forest is having a picnic. The resort has at least one picnic table to make things easier and more comfortable for everyone. Make sure to clean when you’re done.

Explore a cave
Near Bull Shoals there is a cavern formed some 350 million years ago. You will surely be taken back in time. This cave is a limestone cave and it is alive. You will most likely have the possibility of seeing the river running through it as well.

Go shopping
Clearly the resort is not the fancy type, so on the shopping side it lacks. However towns and cities are filled with stores and supermarkets are quite close. Branson, Missouri is close enough for a day shopping trip if you get that bored.