Lake Hamilton Resort

Top 5 things to do in Lake Hamilton Resort (Arkansas)

  • By Tom L
  • Resorts
  • 27.12.2016

While visiting Arkansas’ Hot Springs you need a nice setting to spend the night. The Lake Hamilton Resort is a great choice because it has any nice amenities and and as such it offers hour upon hours of fun. These are the top 5 things to do in Lake Hamilton Resort (Arkansas), or around the resort.

Swimming relaxed your mind and your body. When visiting the Lake Hamilton Resort you can swim at your heart’s desire disregarding the temperature outside. You have an indoor and an outdoor pool and both are waiting for you. You can eve try the lake’s water if you’re brave enough.

Detox your skin
The best detox treatment you can offer to your skin is by visiting the sauna. By sweating you will also help your skin get more moisture, therefore it will feel smoother and softer. At the same time all the pores open and release all the dirt you can’t get out otherwise. You will love you shiny and healthy looking skin.

Play tennis
The resort has a tennis court so whenever the weather allows it you can go there to unwind. you will burn some calories, gain a bit of muscles, and you will feel stronger and younger in the end.

Jogging on the track
Many people avoid going on a holiday because they’re scared they can’t continue running or jogging. Lake Hamilton Resort thought about this issue and made sure all of its guests can safely jog on the track if they wanted to.

Water activities
The lake allows the guests to perform any water related activity they can think of. Most people choose to boat, fish, sail, or even water ski. For most of these activities you need to rent a boat and appropriate equipment, and the docks are near.