Fantasy Springs Casino Resort

Top 5 things to do in Fantasy Springs Casino Resort (California)

  • By Tom L
  • Resorts
  • 27.12.2016

The first thing to know about the Fantasy Springs Casino Resort is its location, in Palm Springs. This mean you can spent the entire holiday here with your whole family. These are the top 5 things to do in Fantasy Springs Casino Resort, California to keep you busy.

Go bowling
Sure you can go bowling in your home town, however a night bowling in a different environment can be an interesting and more fun experience. Going bowling with your family is a great way of having fun together, something you might not usually have the chance.

Attend a live concert
It doesn’t have to be a concert, but some sort of performance. Pay attention to special offers going on, as sometimes you might receive a casino bonus or other discounts. Always check the schedule to see which are the shows you can attend.

Organize a business meeting
The Fantasy Springs Casino Resort is the perfect location for an important meeting lasting for a few days. Even if the meeting lasts for a single day, the guests can stay for longer. You will get a meeting planner, and larger groups benefit from special offers and discounts.

Have a destination wedding
There will be nothing more fun for your guests than to celebrate your union and having the possibility of relaxing for a few days. Some of them might even be happy with the casino if they want to test their luck. You can even organize a rehearsal dinner as well if you’d like to ensure everything will go smoothly.

Play golf
All resorts should offer the possibility of playing golf. Fantasy Springs Casino Resort does through the Eagle Falls Golf Course. The course has 18 holes, and will prove a nice challenge for someone with a low game handicap while average players will feel invincible.