Woods Resort

There is no place on Earth with more fresh air than a forest. The Woods Treehouse Resort is the perfect place to vacation at if all you want is fresh air, nature sounds, and quietness. These are the top 5 things to do in Woods Resort, Arkansas. You can be sure you won’t have time to get bored.


Walk to the Eureka Springs village
The resort is located on a mountain, however it takes just 10 minutes of walking to reach the downtown area of Eureka Springs, a historic village located lower. The village is filled with Victorian buildings, therefore take your camera.

Get an in-house massage
You can’t feel fully relaxed without a massage. The massage session must be booked in advance, but will be well worth. Can you imagine something more relaxing than a massage surrounded by forest noises?

Go to the Onyx Cave
The Onyx Cave is just 7 miles away from the village. The cave was used as a tourist attraction since 1893, and as a result it received a lot of damage. Keep in mind there are no real Onix stones found here, but another one with a similar appearance. The tour is guided by radio.

Visit a wildlife refuge
Some 8 mile in the opposite direction from the Onyx Cave you can find the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. The focus of the refuge is on big cats, and especially tigers. However a coatimundi,a grizzly bear and a monkey also found a home here. You have the possibility to volunteer if you want.

Visit the Thorncrown Chapel
This chapel dating back to 1980 is constructed out of indigenous material and glass. It looks as if it has no walls at all, but they’re made of glass. If chapels aren’t your thing, go see the best next thing: the world’s largest windchime found in the parking lot of Celestial Windz Harmonic Bizaar.