The Breakers on the Ocean

The Breakers on the Ocean offers one of the best ways to wake up: facing the ocean! However you might be interested in reading at least five reasons to go to The Breakers on the Ocean (New Jersey). If that’s the case, you found the right page!

To have your wedding
Getting married is a very important event. You can make sure it turns out perfect by having your wedding at the Breakers on the Ocean. The hotel has experienced staff and it can ensure you have an ocean view throughout the event.

You can bring the kids too
Many families want to spend more time or the holidays together. Not all the hotels allow children on their premises, or the guests don’t know they’ll be having kids around. By staying at a family friendly hotel you can be sure you won’t disturb others, and the kids will also be taken care of to some extent.

Seasonal packages
To be honest, most hotels and resorts have a few types of packages available: for honeymooners, for winter holidays, and perhaps a special discount for summer. The Breakers on the Ocean is different because its staff always prepares special packages for each season to help you make the most of your stay.

To experience a piece of history
As someone who’s not from the are you can’t know this, but this location was build at the end of the 19th century. Even though it went through many renovations and the amenities keep up with the times, the architecture and many finishings are the same as when designed. This feature helps the guests relax faster.

To swim
Where you want to swim is all up to you: in the outdoor pool or in the ocean. The ocean is just a few steps away, after all and you should not miss this chance.